Luna's Digest 14

Cette semaine, focus sur la typographie & les #TrouvaillesTypo d'@Hypsoline_ :)

Quelques liens

  1. Going fast slowly
  2. dsxyliea un super projet autour de la dyslexie & dyslexie font
  3. Un petit rappel sur l'importance du rythme vertical

    This concept originally came from print typography, yes. The reason is _back-up_: if you hold a page to the light you can see the text on the other side. If all the lines are spaced to a baseline grid, the lines on the other side of the page will exactly match the location of the lines on this side, and you wont' see them. Get it wrong and you'll see distracting grey lines through the paper as you read.

  5. The font wall sur
  6. Say no to faux bold
  7. Un magnifique projet autour de la typographie tibétaine
  8. Responsive typography : the basics
  9. Deux articles sur les échelles typographiques : Contrast through scale & A More Modern Scale for Web Typography
  10. Et pour finir, une conf' d'Elliot Jay Stocks : Advanced web typography

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