Happiness & gravy

When I released my first book I hoped to sell 12 copies. 12. With Creative Class (my first course) I hoped to make a few thousand bucks over a year, to give me extra money on top of my freelancing revenue. And I was just as stoked with this mailing list when it hit 146 subscribers as I am about it now.

This is not because I’m a pessimist, not because I don’t believe in myself and certainly not because of some reverse entitlement or guilt.

My expectations are low because I consider anything beyond a little bit of success to be gravy. Sweet, delicious gravy.

I think about success like a scale with a start and end point. If the left is failure (i.e. a product launch that has zero sales) and the right is winning (not even sure how to quantify that… all of the sales, perhaps?), then somewhere in between is the point where I’m content with things and the rest is gravy. In fact, that contentment point is only slightly past the left edge.

J'aime beaucoup cette façon de voir les choses et, pour les projets dans lesquels je suis sûre de moi, je fonctionne un peu comme ça.